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go get dykey

This Tuesday, volunteer for NYC’s Dyke March & look tough – –

“Tuesday, June 21st @ 7PM – Free
Meetup: Dyke March Marshal Training
The 19th Annual Dyke March (happening on Saturday, June 25th) needs marshals to keep the march marching and to keep everyone safe and informed. If you’d like to help then come out for a training. This training is open to all self-identified women.
Email with questions and to learn about other training opportunities.”!.html

“What the gay world is like”

So, WordPress gives a list of what search terms people used to find your site – in this case, a few of those terms are:


twink culture

hot twinks

twinks for hire

what the gay world is like

and my personal favorite – “stuffed animal portrait how to take”!

What the gay world is like”… to me this sounds as if the searcher believes there is a SECRET gay UNDERBELLY of society – or of a “hot twink” – and that they must find visitors to this land, to gain a clue!

I hope I have provided such a clue…

[Update: in further hilarity, this site comes up as search results #10-12 on Google for “twink culture”]

Also, Kate Angell’s zine, “My Feminist Friends,” is zippin’ along the zinester grapevine!
Check out the review of this, and other snazzy new publications, here:

And just for fun:

Faux Romance

This comic inspired by an idea cooked up with my buddy Amelia, and that it’s a Small Gay World out there!

More machismo…

An updated version of the last comic –

“Macho, macho man…”

In honor of the recently departed Randy “Macho Man” Savage, WFF Wrestler… (
here is a comic:

Also, a congratulations to my buddy Kate Angell, a quick-witted librarian with a new zine, My Feminist Friends/
Just came out today! Exciting to see this year-long project in person.

And lastly, some positive press for Bluestockings Bookstore’s Feminist Bookclub:
This month, on June 5th at 2:30pm, we will be discussing “Pink Ribbon Blues” by Gayle Sulik.