Week at Sequential Artists Workshop! Update

Just got back to NYC from the amazing Floridian hive of cartoonists – the Sequential Artists Workshop!

I’ve been following SAW since its first inception, just rumblings of a new comics school on the internet… and now I got to go down again! A true pleasure!

Here’s a little recap of our week at the Low-Residency Workshop (there’s another one coming up in April)
On Monday we did intros and shared our current projects with folks in the workshop, plus Tom and Justine.
Tuesday we got a mega-lecture by Justine about depth and clarity, and capturing these in details of a drawing. Totally inspiring and a few of us left awe-struck, after gazing at countless Hudson River School landscape paintings, and Justine’s simply stunning ink work.

Wednesday we spent the morning doing some storytelling exercises with Tom, and on Thursday the fabulous Leela Corman came in to chat with us about her recent work on Unterzakhn. Leela draws big! 19 x 22, something like that. It’s an epic size, and we got to see some originals & sketches too. Leela also touched on gender in comics, and I’m happy to hear more people talking about that always. Especially when there are binders of women floating around (why have I somehow not been the recipient of any of these sketchy binders??)

Gainesville is also a pretty rad town, home to THE LAST FEMINIST BOOKSTORE IN FLORIDA!!! Super sad I didn’t get to swing by Wild Iris on my visit, but I hope those folks keep in busuiness 4eva, ‘cos that’s really important to have a consistent feminist vibe permeating the town.

A big thank you to everyone at SAW for making it a great week, and also props to those devilish cartoonists throwing themselves in for the 24-hour comics marathon! I was lucky enough to stop by and glimpse some progress on comics about rams, serial killers, cute little bears & space aliens, and totally abstract comics in a luscious blue ink. Curious to see the finals!!

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