“What the gay world is like”

So, WordPress gives a list of what search terms people used to find your site – in this case, a few of those terms are:


twink culture

hot twinks

twinks for hire

what the gay world is like

and my personal favorite – “stuffed animal portrait how to take”!

What the gay world is like”… to me this sounds as if the searcher believes there is a SECRET gay UNDERBELLY of society – or of a “hot twink” – and that they must find visitors to this land, to gain a clue!

I hope I have provided such a clue…

[Update: in further hilarity, this site comes up as search results #10-12 on Google for “twink culture”]

Also, Kate Angell’s zine, “My Feminist Friends,” is zippin’ along the zinester grapevine!
Check out the review of this, and other snazzy new publications, here:


And just for fun:

6 responses to ““What the gay world is like”

  1. I think it needs to be a comic. :D

  2. hee hee. Rie! That is a grand idea. Maybe one with the theme of “hot twinks” :-) ?

  3. Hot twinks going ticking off things on their Gay Agenda, of course! Like buying kale and fixing their bike.

  4. It’s time for a twink comic from you elvis!

  5. HA. omg HA.

  6. hahaha… totally! must produce more twink comics for these seekers of “hott twinkz” :-)

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