* Summertime! *

Oohhh, so many things going on so far this summer…

+ The Queers And Comics Conference at the CUNY Grad Center was super fun, a bit overwhelming (but in a good way), since lots of queer luminaries were there to be spotted!

+ I started a Patreon page, and there are cool prizes!

If you have even $5, you can get a cool new zine mailed to your house! Wow.

+ On JUNE 4, there is an opening of a gallery show at the Ace Hotel, showing off graphic works – posters, pulp novels, t-shirts, and more – from the Lesbian Herstory Archives‘ massive collection. This exhibit is called Out/Reach, and the opening reception is from 6-8pm on Thursday June 4th…cheese! grapes! wine!


Open call for submissions: Queer History Comics!

Myself and J.B. from Sassyfrass Circus thought it would be way cool if there was a compilation of… comics about queer history! Maybe those two things seem unrelated, but in many ways comics are the perfect medium for exploring history…you can delve into the past and walk through each little panel into an imagined world, where reality and our historical imaginations coincide on the page.

In recent history, queer lives have been typically pushed to the margins of existence…but the nature of “transgressions” of gender/sexuality norms has changed radically even in the past 100 years, and definitely throughout different cultures.

Anyhow! If you make comics about queer themes or folks from history (we’ll interpret that broadly, as “not-contemporary”), please send ’em our way or get in touch!   (elvismuseumz AT gmail.com)


QZAP! Summer of Zines!

Hello again, little website…it’s been awhile!

So many things have happened since the last time I updated…

1) To recap 2014; for me, it was the Year of the Zinefest! I tabled at more than ever before… let me list ’em…

+ Feminist Zinefest 2014 (February)
+ Pioneer Valley Zinefest (April)
+ Brooklyn Zinefest (April)
+ Philly Feminist Zinefest (June)
+ DC Zinefest (July)
+ Boston Zinefest (October)
+ Philly Zinefest (November)

So that’s *7* events in 1 year!
It felt like they were just popping up everywhere, it was great. Luckily I was able to swing it to go to all those ones.

What were the differences? Zines are a very local thing!
That’s what I learned, mostly – they’re so community-based, which of course I love, so it can feel like a completely different set of folks at one ‘fest versus another!

On to update # 2…
I felt so lucky and honored to be included in the special 1st year of the Queer Zine Archive Project’s Summer Residency.

It was awesome!!! I did my residency in September, and will most a bit more about that later.
Here is a drawing I did there –

Thank you Roberts Street Residency!

What can I say? Being in Halifax for the Roberts Street Centre Zine Residency feels like a magical dream.
Thank you Roberts Street! It’s a special place, with a magnetic community support.

Also while in Canada, I found myself in a radio studio of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation…take a listen, if you wish: http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/Local+Shows/Maritimes/Mainstreet+%28NS%29/ID/2401765971/

Whoa! So much excitement….

This month has been … awesome!

First off, I am thrilled and happy to have been accepted to the Roberts Street Social Centre Zine Residency in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Wooo!  (Nova Scotia – so cold… so mysterious?)

Next, I got the amazing and heart-stopping opportunity to interview one of my queer history Heros – historian Lillian Faderman, author of Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers, as well as 8 other books. Seriously! I almost fell off my chair when I got this interview. (If you are wondering, the interview will be featured in a zine, more details to come soon!)

Next to lastly, I completed my 1950’s zine of Homos in Herstory! You can get one from me in person, at a zinefest, or on the ol’ Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaptainElvis

And lastly, the queer website Autostraddle wrote this sweetheart piece about the Brooklyn Zinefest, which is … here: http://www.autostraddle.com/i-went-to-brooklyn-zine-fest-had-feelings-and-found-three-more-zines-you-should-read-174181/

Thanks oodles and oodles, everyone! Very happy month, this one. :-)